Trigger warning: Comparison to Trump in the article.

The Democratic Party’s progressive wing is on a kamikaze mission

The news for President Biden keeps getting worse. His approval has fallen to 38 percent among registered voters — nearly matching President Donald Trump’s all-time low. But unlike Trump, Biden began his presidency with almost 56 percent approval. No recent president has fallen from grace so far, so fast, so early in his presidency.

As a candidate, Biden promised unity, moderation and bipartisanship. Instead, he was quickly captured by his party’s progressive wing, which convinced him that he should be a transformational president. But voters didn’t put him in office to be a transformational president.

At that signing ceremony, Biden basked in the bipartisan glow and said “the bill I’m about to sign into law is proof that despite the cynics, Democrats and Republicans can come together and deliver results.” But Biden could have held that ceremony months earlier when he still enjoyed majority support — if he had not given his blessing to progressives to take the infrastructure bill hostage as leverage to pass a separate, Democrats-only multitrillion-dollar social spending monstrosity.

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