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That said, is 2 years of Pence better than 2 more years of Trump? Classic case of damned if you do damned if you don't...

Categorically yes. Pence at worst would outlaw abortions and gay marriage. Trump has a legitimate shot at ending Western Alliance, if not Western Civilization.

Some revelations coming out are hair-raising. Assassinate Bashar al-Assad via direct military strike? What do you think Russians going to do, sit and watch? Invade North Korea and hope China doesn't notice and NK won't fire on Seoul? This is how you get into a hot war with nukes flying around the globe. Holy Jesus Fucking Christ, if any of that is true, these were close fucking calls. Cuban Missile Crisis close. That just the stuff we know about. What if the next aide sneaking out of Oval Office with unsigned papers going to get caught?

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