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My argument was your comparison to Trump and the way you characterized it. How can you compare anything Biden is doing to trying to overthrow our democracy.

This is what called a red herring - when the core of my argument is about Biden Administration's perfomance and you respond with a logical equivalent of "But Hitler!".

I simply called you out for an unfair comparison that you refuse to admit. Clearly the public evidence shows that Trump spawned and encouraged the January 6th coup attempt. Case in point:

PBS FRONTLINE: American Insurrection

We are facing one of the most divisive times in our history and I believe our Democracy is at risk. I will say it again, comparing anything Biden has done to Trump and Trumpism is laughable.

With that said, EVERYONE should be open to scrutiny and held responsible for their decisions and actions. This includes Biden. I am all for keeping the pressure up to encourage better decisions.

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