Since the deficit will be nearly $600 billion all that BS about Obama lowering them isn't working out. His press secretary basically throwing their hands up and passing the buck to the next person. Hilary is going to tax more and spend more, this isn't the 90's and that will not work when you have deficits nearing $600 billion and a debt of $20 trillion. Trump wants to lower Corporate tax and reform the income tax. By doing so they're hoping that will give the economy a jump. If it works it will pay off but for the first year maybe two it won't look to good.

I think the two establishment maybe coming to an end. If Hillary gets in Congress will turn more more anti democrat If Trumps wins and it doesn't go well for him, congress will possible turn more left. But Hopefully either way it turns away from the Establishment. That's the only way you will see change, if voters keep voting in the same trash each establishment puts in front of them it can't change. We need Fiscal Conservatism with LIGHT Social Liberalism. There's a thin red line there. No more over bloated Government with red tape on everything. I'm just sick of both sides, we need to see a libertarian win.

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