I don't automatically call anyone an unconditional supporter. After seeing Owain move goalpost (no contact with Russians, to contact with Russians is not collusion, to collusion is not illegal) multiple times, I asked him to define what would be the red line for him. I asked multiple times and he keep dodging.

Helemoto, if Trump substantially raises income taxes on poor and middle class, would you still support him? What if he increases immigration and make it easier to displace American jobs?

These are very easy to answer questions and I tried to make them as fair as possible. If you don't think these fair, define your own. Unless you don't want to answer any questions because doing so would remove any ambiguity about your position on Trump.

By comparison, I stopped supporting Obama when he didn't do anything about financial fraud that lead to the crash and when he didn't do anything about checking surveillance state. I am on record here being vocal. I think I even used "Third Bush's term" verbiage.

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