To start, I will point out that the body of Owain's work in this thread is not an excuse to retaliate in kind, and I have not. I only brought it up to point out hypocrisy. Lets not grant him this false premise. He is entirely unreasonable in his professed feelings of getting insulted, abused, or threatened. Just like he is entirely unreasonable in all of his conduct on this forum. It is very clearly a pathological pattern.

The problem is that hyper-partisans are now willing to vanquish over ideology. What Owain is doing here, to the best of his limited abilities, is to act sufficiently victimized and to manufacture outrage in attempts to silence opposition. So he is misbehaving, then when comeuppance rebuke arrives, he is playing the victim card, begging for sympathy, and attempt to use the system to silence discourse.

This is not just wrongheaded and slimy, this attempt to chill opposition's speech is jackbooted and undemocratic. So it is clear we can cross 'open political discourse' off Owain's list of values.

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