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Sini, I didn't choose Boeing to be the hill you die on. You did that all by yourself.

You started running your mouth about how Trump's tax policy of redistributing wealth from the middle class to multinational corporations and wealthy is returning money these bad actors supposedly earned. Then you blundered to pick Boeing as an example of upstanding corporate citizen. I proceeded to demonstrate that Boeing is a poster child for corporate welfare. So no, you picked Boeing, and now you won't admit that your argument was taken apart at every turn. At this point you doubled-down about dozen times, and well into "la la la I am not listening" denial.

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If your ego wont permit you to admit you are wrong, that doesn't bother me a bit.

No, I simply like arguing about politics. However, discussing anything with you reminds me of talking to my cat. Sure, the cat is there, and appear to listen, but all it really is interested in is feeding.

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Life is just going to suck for you, because I don't see any of that changing any time soon, because no one cares but deranged lefties.

Thing is, I started at the left of center. As I got older and wealthier, I moved right of center. During 80s, my today's views would be considered mainstream conservatism. You know, stuff like don't spend too much of borrowed money, don't intentionally write bad laws, don't be too greedy at the trough. If you see me as "deranged lefties", then you lost all perspective. Our last argument was over corporate welfare, where my position is that it is bad thing and distorts markets, and your position that it doesn't matter, and let us cut taxes on them some more. Yet, despite opposing "spend baby, spend!" Trump tax policy I am labeled the irresponsible one.

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