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Sense make more plz k thnx.

English is not your first language? Perhaps you should study harder.

Seriously though, you were making zero sense.

Insulting people over English when you aren't putting together cogent thoughts is not a good look.

I think I was making perfect sense, which is why you responded with a non argument.

Obama was in office eight years, but I don't recall any 60 page threads in that time, but when I point out now that Obama did EXACTLY what Trump is being accused of, "Well he was wrong too, and I'm sure we complained about him, too".

Not 60 pages worth.

How am I insulting your english when you chose to speak...poorly.

If you don't want people mistake you for being ignorant, don't write as if you were ignorant.

The key problem here is your memory, which I already said earlier. What you recall or do not recall has already been shown on multiple occasions to have no credibility.

Whether any one single thread other than the comic thread, which lives to this day and was started and maintained mostly on the Obama tangent for many years, made it to 60 pages - I'm not sure. It's a worthless metric anyhow, because the number of replies is dependent on the level of back-and-forth, not the veracity of the criticism contained within.

I'm not sure what possessed you to try and imply I did not take issue with Obama and a great many of his actions. A quick check of this very forum would, however, quickly dispel such an absurd assertion - even if you somehow don't remember. Another check of the public forum, which we used before this one was created, would further enlighten - even though some of the public forum threads ended up being purged IIRC. Like the ones where Vuldan went apeshit, pretty sure those threads were removed.

I have to admit, I am pretty disappointed. You don't even make any attempt to defend your positions, and instead fall back to ad hominem attacks based on absurd and provably false premises.

If your goal was to distract people from remarking on Trump's ability to say absurd and provably false things by demonstrating your own ability to do so, well, then, I guess you succeeded? Mission Accomplished?

For who could be free when every other man's humour might domineer over him? - John Locke (2nd Treatise, sect 57)