Interesting how we changed in the opposite directions. I am supporting red, the party of most disastrous President in a long while, because media collusion, social media censorship and manipulation, Wokeness, and non-policing, credible threats to pack courts and senate (via creation of additional states) are too fucking dangerous individually, and are outright catastrophic when combined. We can survive maybe one of these, anything more and it will be irreversible decline.

My rationalization in doing something so drastic is that Trump is already caused all that damage to norms, sanity, unity, international standing and so on. Four more years of the same will do diminishing amounts of additional damage.

Especially and specifically, social media actively censoring political speech is a direct threat to Western Civilization. That requires nothing short of a vengeful orange gorilla running apeshit and breaking all their china in response. I have no doubt that Trump, not known for restraint, will deliver such vengeance given the opportunity.

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