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More anonymous unidentified officials?

If Republicans had only known it was so easy, they could have used anonymous, unidentified accounts from 'officials' to remove Obama from office as well, but Republicans are not as dishonest as either Democrats or members of the Malicious Media.

If the Obama Justice Department had this 'evidence', why was no one prosecuted?

The quotes from House members are pretty detailed, and as I have not seen a rebuttal yet, are likely be to true.

Your assertions regarding the regurgitation of the opinions of anon sources has objective merit, but the GOP is also objectively dishonest as all hell. Saying someone is less dishonest than the Democrats is a pretty low bar to the point of being meaningless.

GOP friendly media also did in fact relay all sorts of unpleasant info about Obama and his minions, much of it true, some of it less so or out of meaningful context. The fact that the segments of the media that vociferously hate Trump are larger and generally more influential than the segments that hated Obama with the same intensity doesn't mean that they didn't try.

Obama wouldn't have pushed the issue for two reasons:

1)It was highly politically sensitive, and doing so in a rushed manner might have backfired. Yet, his term was almost up. It could have ended up backfiring and handing Trump a victory over Hillary.

2)They didn't think that Trump could actually win. Plenty of time to investigate after Hillary won, or so they thought. Reality didn't work out in their favor on that, obviously.

Hard to feel sorry for Trump though, he has brought all this on himself. Things in DC often aren't as they appear on the surface. It's true that he is under assault, and it's also true that many of the angles of attack are in of themselves often overblown or mere pretexts. Yet, there are still good reasons for it. Why? It's easy to see that many who in other times would step forward and provide political, or even legal and bureaucratic cover aren't assisting the administration.

Why? It's simple. Trump surrounded himself with bad actors. Trump, and his supporters such as yourself can gloss over things as much as you'd like, and try to hand wave away things like "differences of opinion"

However, whether we are talking about DC, Ohio, or VA... Trump has lost a very large segment of support already. Drawing in people like Adjit Pai, Jeff Sessions, Steve Mnuchin and co has told a great many people the type of president Trump wishes to be, and, cumulatively, has and is alienating many small but cumulatively not insignificant segments of society that not only tend to want to lean GOP, but provide that middle stratum of money and effort and advocacy that the larger machine relies upon to keep moving.

Now, many people might not make a disfavorable association based solely on the names; this is true, at least when talking about joe voter and not bobby bureaucrat, wally watchdog or larry lawyer. Trump has put an agglomeration of corrupt shills and retards in charge of things, who do manage to make their own controversies and terrible decisions that get widely reported upon and quite frankly are disillusioning people and pissing them off.

This doesn't have a happy ending. Just like we got Obama due to the vast incompetence of W Bush, and the backlash and disfavor that followed, so will we see similar blowback in 2020 as the Democrats and friendly media shove Hillary's reanimated corpse into the newly decorated Oval Sepulcher, where she ironically rides widespread angst against Trumps offenses against civil liberties to crack down on civil liberties, anger at Trump's corruption to enrich her own friends and punish her foes, and unhappiness at Trump's cozyness with Goldman Sachs to initiate her own measures to protect their grip on world finance and stifle free markets.

We are, in a word, fucked. GG.

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