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Boeing on the dole harms me in the following way:

1. Airplane tickets cost more, since due to lack of competition airlines have to pay more for airplanes
Airbus is a competitor, and from recent reports I've read, Airbus is even, or perhaps in the lead in the world market. Boeing has an advantage in the U S market because companies like Lockheed and McDonnell Douglas couldn't match Boeing successes

Airbus is heavily subsidized by EU. It should be telling that the only direct competitor is also on the dole.

But doesn't that make your stupid whine about Boeing driving up the cost of tickets ridiculous. Boeing can't be abusing their terrible monopoly powers (which exist only in your mind) to overcharge airlines, because if they did the heavily subsidized Airbus would undercut them and erode Boeings market share even further. Instead, Boeing very successfully competes with the heavily subsidized Airbus based upon the merits of their products and services.

You have a line item on your 1040 to pay for Boeing handouts? How odd.


I do, on line 78.

Quantify the amount you pay extra in taxes as a result of Boeing operations. Show your work.

If you can't, then one can only presume you are now lying.

3. My earnings and savings are reduced by inflation, as these loans are printed money that increase inflation

How do loans that are repaid with interest drive up inflation?


If you have in a bank $10, but a loaf of bread costs go up from $1 to $1.50 overnight, while you still have $10 in the bank, now you can buy fewer loaves of bread.

This would be true if inflation were standing at 50%, but at the moment, it's only 1.7%, which is negligable, and has been very low for about a decade or so now.


Inflation in 1974 stood at over 12%. Yes that sucked, but this is not 1974, and people who are ignorant of current inflation figures think that all they have to do is throw out the word INFLATION, and people will run screaming from the boogy man.

Every point you raise is just an example of someone desperately trying to claim victim status.

No, you are not a victim of Boeing raising ticket prices through non existent monopoly powers. That is pathetically stupid.

No, inflation is eating up neither your buying power nor the value of you savings or investment due to the Evil Boeing. Inflation is at historic lows, and has been for a decade.

No, your taxes are not going up because of Boeing paying off loans with interest.

In fact, if we can believe this article from the Washington Post from a few years ago, your taxes are amazingly low, which they use as a justification for raising taxes.


The only thing you have demonstrated is that you are incredibly whiny, and desperate to be classified as a victim, somehow. Any how. By any argument, no matter how stupid.

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