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Except I'm pretty sure I chose my words correctly. I said correlation, not causation.

Then what is the point of your stupid post if there is no causation?

It's simple really, we are going to be heading back towards a rescission. The results usually reflect the real world.

Upon what is your opinion based, given that currently the economy is growing at a rate not seen for over a decade?

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Look, the republicans are adding to the deficit, putting more money in the hands of the 1%, and giving a small stipend to the middle class that will soon be far outweighed by this disastrous bill when we will be paying more in taxes in a few years. You want to see a micro experiment of this tax cut plan? look at the Kansas Experiment.

If adding to the deficit would push us into a recession, is that why growth was so bad under Obama, given that he added $10 trillion to the deficit? Why didn't you complain about that? Why would allowing both corporations and individuals to keep more of their own money mean that they will have to pay more in taxes? It's a tax cut, not a tax raise.

The only way we will be paying more in taxes in a few years is if wages rise significantly. Wouldn't that be a good thing?

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We get it, you hate paying taxes, the government is bad, corporations are good! I find it a privilege to pay taxes because that's the price you pay to live in a civilized society that you are proud to be apart of. I am proud of this country, that's why I am ok with being taxed higher and this is coming from someone who is well of.

You are free to give to the treasury whatever you might retain as the result of the tax cuts. You are free to give even more above and beyond what you might save in taxes if you really want to feel extra special privileged to do so.

Be proud. Tax the snot out of yourself. In the meantime, individual Americans will be better able to better provide for themselves and their families by keeping more of their own money rather than being forced to fork that money over to the government in the form of taxes. Trump ran in part on tax reform, and in part, tax reform is among the reasons why Trump was elected.

The voters got exactly what they wanted. Maybe Democrats should consider that as part of their strategy going forward rather than bitterly clinging to their current failed policies.


You didn't answer my question. What was the point of your previous stupid post about Republicans supposedly causing recessions if you now admit that there was no actual causation?

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