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Loans from the import export bank that are repaid do not take taxpayers money.

This is categorically not true. To issue these almost interest-free loans, government prints money. This devalues everyone else money. You can visualize it the following way - to lend 10 Bil at 0.5% government steals 1c from everyone, and we never get it back.

Upon what basis do you claim that the loans are almost interest free.

Show your work, please.

Even so, did you ever figure out if Boeing is operating in the red, or is making billions? It can't be both.

It can be both. Boeing is making billions because of government loans, grants, and government contracts. Take away that and they will be deeply in red.

Not on the basis of loans through the Ex Im bank. But your source does not state that Boeing makes billions from grants.

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Boeing received $457 million in grants ... from 2000 to 2014.

That works out to $32.6 per year. Not exactly billions by a large measure.

Further, how does Boeing make billions upon loans that are paid back, with interest?

With respect to contracts, if Boeing supplies the government with necessary weapon systems at a cost negotiated to the mutual advantage of both the government and Boeing, where is the problem with that? The government needs to acquire weapons system from someone, and if through a competitive process, Boeing offers the government the best value for the dollar, that is beneficial.

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