A lot of words for basically saying nothing.

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" Is it that hes pushing for killing millions of Americans via republicare?"

Were millions of people dying before Obamacare was passed? No? Curious...

Forcing millions to lose their plans with no proper replacement is going to lead to the death of many of your fellow Americans. How can you support this?

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The purpose of the Armed Forces is to kill people, break things, and win wars. Things that do not contribute to our combat capability have no place in the military.

So is it safe to assume your stance is that people who are transgender are incapable of contributing to our combat capability? Are they subhumans or something? I don't get your point here, please clarify.

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As far as the benefits Trump has accomplished so far, they are legion, starting with the steady dismemberment of failed Democratic policies, dismantling the regulatory system of unnecessary and intrusive regulations, and judicial appointments of jurists who will interpret and enforce laws as written.

He has done a good job of making good on the promises for which he was elected. Goals that require cooperation with Congress, a co-equal branch of government, remain underway.

Any example of anything hes done positive for the country? You basically aren't saying anything here.

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