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If adding to the deficit would push us into a recession, is that why growth was so bad under Obama, given that he added $10 trillion to the deficit? Why didn't you complain about that? Why would allowing both corporations and individuals to keep more of their own money mean that they will have to pay more in taxes? It's a tax cut, not a tax raise.

Don't talk for me. I was actually against the 800 billion dollar give out to corporations that fucked us. Under this president, we are going to continue to get fucked but lets not kid ourselves here. President Bush increased federal spending by more than twice what Obama had.

Let me say it again for you since you don't understand. Horse and Sparrow theory of economics does not work. Very few CEO's are going to give that money back to the people, whats going on with Boeing and AT&T right now is nothing more than a PR stunt. They are making Billions now thanks to lower tax rates and they are handing out a fraction of what they are saving to the people in "bonuses" for one year. Once we pass this PR stage, we will be right back to corporations fucking us like they have been for years, sitting on record levels of money in their accounts.

This adding to the deficit is going to harm the country was a talking point of the republican party for years. The pure obstructionists that did everything they could to stall and hurt the American people because "hur dur" Obama is in office.

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The voters got exactly what they wanted. Maybe Democrats should consider that as part of their strategy going forward rather than bitterly clinging to their current failed policies.

Did they though? check out pg 52.

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You didn't answer my question. What was the point of your previous stupid post about Republicans supposedly causing recessions if you now admit that there was no actual causation?

My point is that I am willing to point out that there is a correlation between Republicans and recessions but not willing to go far enough to say they necessarily caused all of them. Correlation shows strong pairs of variables have a relation. It's an interesting thing to look at over the years. There is something odd there.