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The scale of failure from the Trump administration could NEVER come close to anything Biden has done.

In October 2021, this is a statement of faith, not a statement of fact. Not even supported by the known facts when you go into specific issues. For example, there is refugee crisis on Suthern border that is directly attributable to Biden's policy. This is unlike during Trump Administration's that had effective "Stay in Mexico" policy that worked.

So I will ask you directly, how long do you think Biden Administration should be viewed without any criticizm because Trump was a president. Until end of this year? Forever? Until Trump peacfully passes away in his sleep?

Never did I once say that anyone does not deserve criticism. They do. My argument was your comparison to Trump and the way you characterized it. How can you compare anything Biden is doing to trying to overthrow our democracy. It is just a non-starter and invalidates any points you try to make when you make a statement like that. Just my opinion.

As for who to blame for infrastructure. How about the folks that are holding it hostage. Biden does not have command over how individual Senators vote.

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