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Trump all but confirmed that he pays no federal taxes during debate. Is this going to be enough to put him out of running?

Why would it, lets really be honest if having a private server then deleting all the emails doesn't put a person out, nothing will.

There's a long list of big business's that have paid little to no taxes that have also gave to the Clinton campaign. General Electric, JpMorgan just a to name a couple.

With Hillary taking donations from a lot of those companies it makes her look like a big hypocrite. I'm not sure if Corning has given any campaign contributions, from 2009-2012 they paid ZERO Federal taxes and received $10 million from the IRS. The problem with that is all of those years they made billions in profit.

I've been screaming for tax reform for a long time. We need to cut out Federal Payroll taxes and go to a Value Added Tax (VAT). This way everyone has to pay, it won't matter if your rich or poor everyone pays. That's as fair as your ever going to get it. Hillary was a Senator for 8 years and has been in politics longer than that, why now all the sudden she wants to be a tax champion shows the hypocrisy.

Especially coming from someone that appointed donors to her Clinton Foundation to Government jobs. I agree Trump would be wise to show his taxes, but it's not going to show anything that he hasn't already said. We know he's paid little to no Federal taxes.