It's obvious Clinton is corrupt and they have made a lot of personal financial gain from her time as SOS. I'm certain the FBI is making a lot of connections with that since they have been investigating the Clinton Foundation for a year now as well. How much smoke and flames do you need to say you have a fire? Seems like they would still deny it even if the building is turned to ask.

A sailor is going to prison for taking a picture inside the engine room of a Submarine. He lost his phone the picture was on and someone found it, they turned the phone in to authorities and he got into trouble for it. He didn't intend to distribute the photo it was on his phone that he lost. There were no intent there yet he's going to prison. What went on with the private non-secure Clinton server should be intent. She knew what she was doing.

For that sailor to get prison time and Hillary to get absolutely nothing shows how fucked and corrupt our legal system is. If they are going to claim everyone is equal then they should at least play the part. Democrats are heavy on Do as I say, not as I do. It seems it only applies to everyone else except them.