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Now that Biden is in charge and very visibly failing in a lot more ways than Trump's administration ever did, you suddenly producing excuses or worse. Why? Because you are not objective or rational in your approach to politics.
So you are blaming the infrastructure bill on Biden? Do you mean the fact that two Democratic senators refuse to support it is somehow the responsibility of the President?

Well, if you can blame a president for not making some State do something about COVID I guess you can blame anyone at the job for a lot. I'm sure if Trump had made all states to lockdown it would have been touted as "dictatorship level of authorianism".

When you criticized the vote doubt, you sure like to forget 3 years of smear campaign from the media about shit which suddenly was not really there when people had to testify. Easy to quote "sources". Harder when 3 years of wasted FBI work got them nothing.

And if you think vote by mail is a good idea, check how voting works in France and why voting by mail was discontinued. Honestly your voting system reek of third-world country level of vote fraud. The funnier is when the same kind of shit happen in Russian election and people justly criticize Russia but don't make any connexion with 2020.

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