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Many of you have noticed that we've entered into another iteration of what I call the Nunes Cycle of Bullshit. I posted this in the FAQ a while ago, but if you haven't seen it I've reproduced it below. Typically, the cycle proceeds as follows:

A Congressional Republican leaks a claim that some non-public information says something. Meanwhile, they do their best to keep all of the details under wraps.
The conservative media runs with the story for a while, claiming that it's a bombshell.
Not to be outdone, the mainstream media runs with the story for a while.
Further investigation by the mainstream media uncovers more non-public information that disproves the original claim.

It's a pattern that has repeated again and again:

Devin Nunes coordinates with the White House to claim there was improper unmasking by Susan Rice. Ultimately, members of his own party concluded that he invented it.
House GOP selectively leaks the Strzok texts, claiming 'bias' by the FBI. (Never mind the fact that agents are allowed to have opinions, or the fact that the public knew about the Clinton email investigation but not the Russia investigation). We later find out that he bashed everyone: Holder, Sanders, and even the Clintons.
Then they leak the 'insurance' text. We later find out that he was referring to the need for the FBI to find out if Trump was colluding with Russia, in case he wins.
The GOP spends months attacking the Steele dossier as a partisan witchhunt, and claims that Fusion GPS concocted it and is hiding something. It turns out that not only did Fusion GPS spend 21 hours testifying before Congress detailing their sources and methods, but they've asked their testimony to be publicly released. Except the GOP refuses to do it.
Republicans claim over and over again that they need to find out if the Russia investigation was kicked off by the dossier, because it would be a serious crime if that were the case. (It wouldn't be.) Turns out that it was actually kicked off by a report from allied intelligence. They control the FBI and knew all along.
(In progress as of January 20th) Nunes writes a classified memo claiming that classified information proves that the Obama administration abused FISA to spy on Trump, and releases it to Congressional Republicans. Right-wing media and Russian bots push them to release it, while ignoring the fact that the memo is literally just Nunes' fanfiction that he the power to release.