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You wanna say your not racist but you stand toe to toe with these idiots?

This is guilt by association. There much better reasons and more coherent ways to criticize alt-right.

Yes I very much agree it is guilt by association. The real question is why are they associating with Neo-Nazis?

This is a cringe-worthy reply.

My concern with today's left is that it has too much McCarthyism in it. How could you not draw parallels between hunting for communists with hunting for sexists/racists that going on today? Do you also have a list with the names of over 200 members of the Department of State that are known alt-right? Oh wait, the list is doxxed on Twitter.

Of multitude reasons you could criticize alt-right, to name some - disproven trickle-down, anti-trade, anti-science, you chose and when called out doubled-down on, guilt by association?! As intelligent individual, I expect you to do better than that. Start working on your mental hygiene or you will end up in the peanut gallery with the usual suspects here.

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