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If you misrepresent a case to the FISA court for a warrant for surveillance for national security purposes when you are actually conducting surviellance for political puposes, that is a felony offense.

Sure, IF . Do you have any evidence that Obama directed to misrepresent such case with the goal to wiretap Trump for political purposes?

That's not my job, but based upon news reports, mostly from the foreign press since the domestic media is curiously uninterested, I think it is highly likely.

I am content to allow the investigation to continue. If evidence exists incriminating members of the Obama administration, or even Obama himself, evidence can be produced in open court (or closed if the evidence is classified) by Justice Department prosecutors, whose job it is to present evidence obtained by government investigators.

If evidence does not exist, I will be relieved, but I don't think that is the likely outcome.

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