Trump did a much better job on immigration. Or Middle East. Or the economy. Or that he managed to pass tax cuts that were his ligislative priority.

I could not disagree more. Trump laid the track for the disaster in Afghanistan, Biden just ran his train down it. The Middle East is a total mess and saying Trump's foreign policy was terrible is a kind statement. None of this really matters as Trump canceled himself when he tried and is still trying to overthrow a free and fair election. That disqualifies him totally in my opinion and makes him a traitor and guilty of treason. Personally, I think that anyone that supports him or the "Big Lie" is complicit in insurrection and treason.

I have debated this over and over as it was happening and I have no patience or desire to debate you comparing a patriot to a traitor. Please don't consider my lack of response as agreement. I have a faction to run in New World as well as elderly parents to care for. I just don't have time to argue these points for the 34349074532742374th time. The data is there if you choose to look at it. On a personal note, and knowing you for many years, I can't comprehend your support for the worst President in our history. Please keep drilling on Biden as we all should, but the comparison to Trump and his literal insurrection and treason just does not look good on you.

Lastly, I get sick to my stomach when you say that Trump supported the vaccine and give him any credit for helping resolve the crisis. He called it a "HOAX". In my opinion, he has blood on his hands of hundreds of thousands of lives needlessly lost. I'll leave this thread to those that are interested. Good day folks.

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