Note how the "fake news" problem appeared suddenly in all the traditional media at the same time.

That's propaganda pure and simple. Those fuckers coordinated to try and get out of their own responsibility. THEY are the dealers of fake news under the guise of their old good reputation. They colluded with candidates and politicos. They have email lists to do those kind of things together. They push narratives. So-called journalists and their editors fucked up journalism in the eyes of everyone but themselves, those elections were part of the consequence. Their dwindling revenues are another.

Fuck them.

Want to know when the 4th estate failed? See when 95% of the population would not piss on them if they were burning. The 4th power is now just a mouthpiece for state propaganda like in any banana republic. Give it ten more years and you'll get the same shit we have in Europe with all media depending on the money coming from the state. With prominent journos married to politicians. And they'll still try to sell how independent and anti-establishment they are.

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