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Trump is draining the swamp in things he can do unilaterally, such as the elimination of much of regulatory state, elimination of Obama's abusive executive orders, and enforcing laws as written.

Things that require action by Congress, a coequal branch of government, he cannot do unilaterally, nor should anyone want him to be able to do so.

By draining the Swamp, you mean draining it right into the White House, right?

How many people from Goldman Sachs are in his admin? I think its at least seven in the upper echelons. Not to mention handing them Treasury.

In fact, a great many appointees, like Adjit Pai, are known to be crooked as fuck. Trump is not draining anything, he is simply heading up a new round of looting.

Yes, he is a looter. Just like when he was using govt to obtain private property by force via abuse of broken eminent domain laws and corrupt officials during his private career, he is now installing and enabling a cronyist, looter govt in his public career.

There is a pretty huge difference between the messaging, and the reality when it comes to the Trump administration. Not that his is alone in this, there was plenty of graft and glad-handed gifts of Federal largesse in the previous administrations as well. But that is one of the things I think most people would like to have seen change, not worsen.

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