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It's pretty simple to me.

Soldier memorials in public owned areas should remain. Statues should be moved to museums or private land. Easy work around...(this was in national news a while back and is from the town I went to school in) http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friend...-tiny-portion-of-land-to-a-local-church/

So with this, you will get to see if the outrage over the statues is actually over them being on public land, or if it really is a different agenda. The racism accusations have no bearing on anything to do with the statues directly.

Advocating for this type of solution is exactly on par with the entire racist history of these statues. The people who really want them to stay up take off their hoods and put on a United Daughters of the Confederacy badge, the mayor's sash, and the president's twitter account and justify their necessity with a 20x20 parcel of bullshit.

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