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I don't particularly care as long as Trump's policies continue to agree with those promised, which is why he was elected, but I'm not the one who brought it up. So to be accurate, Democrats are fine if William Jefferson Clinton does it, but if they mention Trump, it's the end of civilization.

Pot meets kettle, indeed, but it is liberal hypocrisy on display.

It was the conservative's psychotic breakdown that opened the path up for this to be an issue lol. I'm tired of holding my democratic constituents to a higher standard than Republican fucktards, who have been the cause of many of our fucking issues, including getting America's credit rating lowered. I'm sick of how easy it is for you to forget how retarded republicans are while screaming about how retarded democrats are. I'm tired that they are allowed to get away with bullshit because you guys vote straight R because with you its party over country.