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Lets start with naming some of your conservative values. You do have values, don't you?

I am still waiting for your answer.

From your recent posts in this thread we know that you support Trump without reservations, you support deregulation of any kind, you support subsidies, underwriting loans, and cutting taxes on multinational corporations.

You make several statements contrary to fact.

I do not support Trump without Reservation.

I do not support deregulation of any kind.

Loans from the Ex Im bank are not subsidies, but they are financing offered on a non interference basis when the private sector is unable or unwilling to offer loans to companies like Boeing who are doing work that supports United States national policies, such as national defense and necessary weapons acquisition.

I do support cutting taxes, not only for corporations, but also for individuals for money that they have earned. It is their money. It is not the government's money.

How do you map these positions to conservative values ?

I support the deregulation undertaken by Trump in cases where regulation has overstepped the bounds of the legislation that authorizes the regulatory agency, such as the EPA, and where regulation becomes excessive and counterproductive.

The operation of the Ex Im Bank is not a conservative/liberal issue, so your question is a non sequitur.

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