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It's not that I don't largely agree with your thoughts about the far-left, its just that at this juncture the far-right seems more threatening to the system itself...

I disagree with you. When I go through "what US would look like if X gets everything", the far-left (who are firmly in charge of the entire left right now, as all classic liberals got cancelled) scenario looks by far more dangerous.

Fundamentally, Trump is there for Trump. The other side are essentially postmodern equivalent to religious fundamentalists.

I think the issue is that the Trump crowd intends to do far more than just what Trump hisself wants at a given moment.

Also worth considering, is that should the system continue to erode, I dont think they can win in the long term. Eventual winners will still likely be the radical left. I think embracing Trump is a reaction, not a strategy. I'll admit that viable options seem slim at the moment, hence why I find politics to be a depressing topic these days. If anything, I think presence of Trump shifts many people outside of the right-wing sphere in a more radical direction than they would otherwise take.

I've not really done an examination in terms of "If who got everything they wanted" though to be honest, because that seldom happens.

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