APPEARS to have acted on its request? Is that the best you can do?

Even if someone you despise gives you information about something that may be bad for you, will you not investigate it just because you don't care for the individual who provided the tip? That would be stupid of you, wouldn't it? His checking out seems to be a reasonable act of self interest rather than working with Wikileaks in general.

Don's tweet was an accurate observation of the behavior of the media. In case you hadn't noticed, everyone in the campaign was very critical of the media.

I think The Atlantic article is a big nothing burger. As I observed earlier, I regularly get emails from Nigerian princes. Should The Atlantic do an article on that as well? If Assange initiated the contact with Don Jr, maybe The Atlantic should be interested in Assange's motives. Other than deleting spam when I get it, I don't have much control over what pops into my in box. Neither does Don Jr.

I think your argument can best be described as a logical fallacy. Correlation is not causation.

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