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Attempt to reframe argument denied. Stick to your original point - taxation of corporations is taking away their money. I clearly shown that "their money" is often the same thing as "taxpayer's money". As such, there is nothing inherently unjust in taxation of corporations.

As to source: http://www.goodjobsfirst.org/sites/default/files/docs/pdf/UncleSamsFavoriteCorporations.pdf See Table 7.

I have yet to see a source for your allegation. Like your 50% of no bid contracts post, I suspect this is more nonsense pulled out of your ass.

Edit: Checking your link now.

In the meantime, you still haven't answered my question about your 50% no bid contract bullshit.

Refraining of discussion denied.

Have you read the link? Have you seen BILLIONS of taxpayers money going to corporations? Do you have any questions or disagreements on presented sources?

Therefore, your point on taxation of corporations is invalid. It isn't their money. No more than your available credit card balance and welfare check is your earnings.

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