I don't really care if you take down the statues and monuments, I don't even know who most of them are much less what they did. I have spent the last 20 years living within a few miles of the Chickamauga Battlefield....I drive through and think "damn a lot of guys died here" and keep on going.

Can someone please tell me how focusing on old statues is going to rebuild families and communities? Communities where the leading cause of death is each other not the man? I see stories about how the whole community is outraged a police officer kills a black man, even if the officer is black but rampant murder of each other is par for the course? Now that's what I would be outraged over....it just seems all the attention is focused on the wrong points.

I guess it's easier to blame someone else for your situation in life than to take a hard look at yourself and the choices you have made. Just a side note...all my life I have understood that when a police officer tells me to do something I do it because at that moment he has all the power and I don't want to get arrested or shot....seems simple and it's worked for me.