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Using the Justice Department to Investigate Trump's Enemies

Although the president is the head of the executive branch and selects the attorney general, it has been taboo for a president to direct the department to launch specific investigations since Richard Nixon’s Watergate-era abuses—a taboo that’s especially strong in the case of one’s political enemies, as in the Trump-Clinton case.

The Clinton cases seem more like a more obviously worrisome example of presidential interference to punish a political enemy, but there’s always the chance that there might be bona fide criminal conduct. Where Trump can’t prevent a damaging investigation into himself, he can at least create a fog of confusion.

The Constitution specifically empowers The President to ensure that laws are faithfully executed. Any power may be abused, but in the case of the Clintons, laws were not faithfully executed, and the President has the Constitutional duty to correct that corrupt action by members of the Obama administration.

Former FBI Director Comey exonerated Clinton before the investigation into her felony violation of national security laws was complete, and for that malfeasance in office, among other things, Trump fired Comey. Now the investigation has been reopened, as it should be, and once the investigation is allowed to be completed without corrupt political interference, Clinton may be prosecuted, and based upon evidence presented in open court, her guilt established.

Based upon the evidence, we will know whether any investigation or prosecution is justified.

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