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Lets start with naming some of your conservative values. You do have values, don't you?

I am still waiting for your answer.

From your recent posts in this thread we know that you support Trump without reservations, you support deregulation of any kind, you support subsidies, underwriting loans, and cutting taxes on multinational corporations.

How do you map these positions to conservative values ?

So Owain, lets get back to this question. What are your values as a conservative?

I asked you multiple times this very straight-forward question. I even provided you a Wiki link so you could copy-paste relevant points. You failed to commit to any conservative values, because you are not a conservative.

You and your fellow neoreactionaries are to Western Democracy what Iran's Mullahs to Iranian Democracy or Putin's KGB to Russian Democracy. No wonder you and you ilk tend to congeal and metastasize around Trump.

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