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Except I'm pretty sure I chose my words correctly. I said correlation, not causation.

Then what is the point of your stupid post if there is no causation?

It's simple really, we are going to be heading back towards a rescission. The results usually reflect the real world.

Look, the republicans are adding to the deficit, putting more money in the hands of the 1%, and giving a small stipend to the middle class that will soon be far outweighed by this disastrous bill when we will be paying more in taxes in a few years. You want to see a micro experiment of this tax cut plan? look at the Kansas Experiment.

We get it, you hate paying taxes, the government is bad, corporations are good! I find it a privilege to pay taxes because that's the price you pay to live in a civilized society that you are proud to be apart of. I am proud of this country, that's why I am ok with being taxed higher and this is coming from someone who is well off.

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