I don't think he is at all, simply because if he were his business would turn to shit because a lot of people would run his ass off. Unless the Clinton's will use the pay to play in the white house as well and give him large Government contracts. But I don't think he would do that, his name would definitely be stained if he did.

All he has to do is keep hammering on the Executive emails they wanted to keep out of the public between Hillary and Obama that were on her server. Proving that Obama knew she had a server despite lying that he didn't know. Between that and some of the media finally discussing the pay to play with CGI and she will start to drop again. Because it's hard to explain what happened in Haiti given the outcome, along with the guy they appointed to an Intelligence Board that was privy to Classified information that had NO former knowledge before the appointment and after he gave a large sum of money to CGI.