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Actually, I agree with you that Trump's supposed misogyny is overblown and largely political wounds. Sure, a lot of it is really poor taste but that is the extent of it.

What makes him unqualified is his lack of self-control that makes him easy to provoke and his views on speech, especially telling his views on libel. There is no question in my mind that he supports censorship. Also his views on religious freedoms as applied to Muslims. His anti-trade views that are rooted in fundamental misunderstanding the fact that US need the world more than the world needs US.

This may sound bad, but I think he's putting on a show when it comes to all the crap he talks. Sure it's distasteful and doesn't look good but this is Trump. He's been that way for as long as I can remember, the other part to that, is he's brave enough (or stupid) enough to say those things depending on how you look at it. It's not because people that follow him are "Deplorable" as many want to think. It's more along the lines that people want a change from what's going on. Just like they did back in 2008, the economy is a big deal when it comes to people wanting change. If you don't have a job or can't get a raise because the economy is in the shitter that will make a lot of people want to go the other way.

I would be willing to bet anything that if the economy was booming and things looked good Hillary would win very easily despite all the Email and Foundation BS. After all she's going to keep doing what has been going on the past 8 years. As Bill Clinton's campaign manager put it back in 1992 "It's the economy stupid" he went balls deep with that because people wanted change to what was going on at the time. I did as well, I had turned 18 that year and was able to vote and my first vote was for a Clinton. It was also my last one for a Clinton. Fool me once...