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LOL mission to Mars... that will improve things here immensely.

Correct. Humanity has a short window of time, relatively speaking, to spread into space and branch off civilization if we want to avoid either extinction or the type of dystopian future that would've given Philip K Dick cold sweats.

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If Assad truly didn't gas those people they need to start laying out the evidence.

Prove a negative? Start with common sense aspect though, why would the regime, full well knowing the sensitivity of the chemical issue, gas a measly 50 odd people. Iraq at least managed to gas tens of thousands with the chemical weapons we gave them in the 80's.

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If Trump did nothing you and every liberal/Progressive in the land would be screaming as to why he didn't do it. It's dammed if you do dammed if you don't.

This much is true, and in fact most of the left leaning sites, both boutique and mainstream were in fact screaming for war. But the fact that the left is utterly asinine is no good reason to ignore due process of declaring war, nor getting involved in a shit fest in Syria. And make no mistake - other than the Kurds, there are no pro-western rebels. They are all Sunni nutjobs, and they will all continue to massacre and drive out the remaining Christians.

Don't get me Wrong I think space exploration should move forward and we should look for places that could be inhabited for the future. But right now we have a $20 trillion debt, I think we need to get other things in order before we start spending a lot of money on space. Everyone wants to believe we are to big to fail, that is utter bullshit the left has made up in their little pink unicorn Utopian bubble they want to live in.

Chemical Gas... I sort of agree there's an aspect here that is of some concern. It makes no sense why someone winning a war would risk everything to gas people. But then again crazy people don't think like everyone else. If they are innocent as they say I don't see the issue of them either letting people in to investigate. Otherwise it's perception. If you happen to be one to open carry and someone shoots another person and takes off and you are the only one around with a gun the perception is you did it. In which case once investigated would be cleared of wrong doing. Which is why the same thing should happen with Syria... if they don't allow an investigation they are implicating themselves.

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