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Trump 16

More serious than horsemeat crisis.

What happened in the last 5 years was definitely more serious than a horsemeat crisis.

11/7/2020 most news outlets called it for Biden/Harris. This was extremely close election, by all accounts a flawed president like Trump in the middle of pandemic should not have been anywhere near this competitive. All polls were wrong by a large margin, Biden landslide that was expected did not materialize. More so, GOP gained Congress seats and retained control (so far, there are still run-off elections) of Senate. Such dissimilar fate of POTUS and down-ballot means that a large number of conservatives did not vote for Trump.

What does this mean for Democratic party? One - identity politics are very damaging. Even California rejected Proposition 16, that was designed to enable reverse discrimination. Two - riots and experiments with non-policing are not popular outside of radical left bubble. Both black and Latino voters turned out for Trump in record numbers. This speaks to One and Two.

The media, and this includes social media, was shown to be unquestionably biased and partisan. I don't know if journalism would ever recover. I don't know if NYT would clean up their act. Time will tell.

I don't know how many people also share my specific concerns - proposals to pack courts and increase number of senators by granting statehood to DC. I think at this point these are outside of mainstream. Hopefully GOP retains control of Senate and we won't have to find out if Biden/Harris will attempt to follow through on these promises.

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