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Based on election trends over the last eight years, that seems unlikely. Current riots, violence, and other Democratic tantrums are unlikely to impress voters, either. You need effective policies, not just hate.

And you need effective candidates. With the collapse of the Democratic farm team, all you have is septegenarians like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Democrats have no bench, and few positions for candidates to gain the necessary experience. That is what happens when you are rejected by voters and have nothing of worth to offer.

Last eight years.. what an incredibly arbitrary timeframe to examine. Its kinda interesting though, because if you examine the prior eight-year time period, a similar trend can be seen. Further back, and yet again, a similar trend.

Somehow Trump is managing to tank harder, faster, than his two immediate predecessors. Considering he can't even keep his own tweets straight, let alone coordinate them with his actual team, it's pretty hard to imagine that trend reversing.

If you examine things in proper context, its pretty easy to see that few people are happy with either party. If you examine Trump in historical context, anyone concerned with well-being of GOP should be extremely concerned. The rate at which he is tanking, why, and the demographics he is tanking with should be cause for panic. Whatever numbnuts the Dems manage to cough up to replace Trump (in the unlikely event Trump makes it through the first four years without resigning in the face of impeachment) might not even screw things up badly enough to wash the taste out of voters' mouths.

Beating Trump will be like beating Hillary, you just have to show up.

Hardcore GOPers should be praying that Paul Ryan finds his nutsuck and gives us President Pence, and the sooner the better.

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