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This makes me scratch my head a bit, because my whole point is that there is no good evidence for anything. Instead of advocating a knee-jerk reaction based on something really vague, I'm simply pointing out that both the sensible and Constitutional courses of action lie in waiting and seeing.

Sure, so instead of waiting for solid evidence, let's just throw in a really vague 4 year old story for which there is no evidence of involvement. That's the ticket! This is me, helping!!!
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On another note, I'm honestly and truly surprised to see self-identifying conservatives so vehement about enlisting the armed forces of the USA in the service of ISIS and their ilk.

Concern troll is concerned.


One cannot help but feel touched.

Erm.... I'm not the one with the knee-jerk reaction, like launching missiles.... I'm not the one who didn't wait for evidence, not that it matters either way. There likely wont ever be any evidence of worth, the first casualty of war is always the truth. Anyhow, I'm not sure you quite understand what I have been saying.

And no, that wasn't a concern troll in the slightest. I am genuinely flabbergasted and mortified that anyone is so interested in helping ISIS, just like I was some years back when Hillary, McCain and Obama were trying to beat the war drums for an intervention. My positions and principles haven't changed just because the President's affiliation is (R) instead of (D)

(R and D standing for the Retard and Dumbass parties, if the past 15 years is any indication)

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