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He called it a "HOAX".

And still he formed the White House Coronavirus Task Force 29th January 2020 while the impeachment was being debated. He started closing some flight routes and the response were people calling him racist and people should go and enjoy the festivities in Little China.

He deployed some military medical ships in case they would be needed during March 2020.

Did he prevent any State enacting lockdowns or mask mandate? Not that I know. Did he decide to send COVID patients to nursing homes? Nope, that's Cuomo in NY.

But maybe he got some haircut from a closed salon like Pelosi? Or toured Federal Buildings unmasked the day he signed a mandate for masks like Biden? Or had some diner with friends inside a restaurant like Newsom in California? Or some birthday party with hundreds of unmasked people like Obama? I don't know and I guess it would be hard to criticize. The guy got COVID so he has better antibodies than what the vaccines got me.
I'm not sure why I've just noticed this, but Arkh. You have a lot of insight being from another country. The mail in vote is nothing but fraud waiting to happen. The left is completely untruthful for the reasons of them wanting to have mail in voting. Where they believe minorities can't either afford or even have access to get an I.D. card. I grew up poor, seen many people poorer than myself in rural Missouri. I have never seen anyone claim they couldn't vote because they were to poor to get an I.D. to vote. This was back in the 80's, nowadays it's so much easier to get help for such things. It's odd the left believes people can't get access to ID's, yet nowadays there's very little you can do without an ID. Voting isn't just a right, but it's an important right that shouldn't have less security than needing an ID to but smokes.

The voter ID thing is about intimidation and finding ways to disqualify votes based on typoes and technicalities that arent even often committed by the voter. Oh, you last name on ID is Freeman... but here on this voter roll it was typed out "Fremen" sorry, tossing your vote. And the people being targeted have less ability to work through channels to contest. As for mail in voting, theres been no evidence of fraud, and no reason to think there would be fraud - and even if there were the answer would be additional mail/ballot tracking. Its easy enough in todays world to see exactly where your package or letter is, and where it ends up.

What is real however, is the Trump crowds record of intimidation and harassment against poll workers. Thats actually a thing, unlike mass scale voter fraud. Moving to mail-in ballots is a good counter to that. Ballots are already counter under supervision of multiple observers from all involved parties.

I've seen real voter supression in action, with my own two eyes. I used to live in a high end neighborhood in the heart of Columbus generally referred to as German Village https://www.thefitchlawfirm.com/blog/columbus-ohio-best-and-worst-neighborhoods/ (#2 on list) - and we had a short line to vote, and 3 voting machines. Now, being in the heart of a city it was one of those cases where just a few blocks away there was an enormous income divide (and color divide) where I saw with my own eyes the lines of people waiting to vote that literally streteched around several blocks. They had 1 voting machine to serve far greater numbers of people. It even made local news, which is how I know they had one machine, though I saw the lines myself.

Voter supression is an actual thing that is real, not a hypothetical what-if and the people pushing for more voting restitrictions do so without evidence backing up their case. Which makes it hard for me to believe, all things considerd, that their true motive is anything other than keeping people who they dont want to vote from having their vote counted.

But the right-wing crowd has been detethered from any cogent philosophy for years, and now having deteriorated to the status of personality cultists I suppose they adopt those tactics because using rhetoric to persuade reasonable people no longer seems feasable to them.

For who could be free when every other man's humour might domineer over him? - John Locke (2nd Treatise, sect 57)