Go to 27:50 , timestamp in URL doesnt seem to work. Quick mini-transscript for those who dont like video (which includes myself, hence typing it out, cause I understand. Mildly redacted for length)

Guest is Trae Crowder, author of "The Liberal Redneck Manifesto"

Bill Maher: We thought you would be the perfect guest tonight, to explain to shocked, coastal-elite liberals - [interject]

Trae Crowder: - what the hell happened?


BM: .... - what the hell happened.

BM: And by the way, just the shock, on their faces, on their smug, kale-eating faces, must be so satisfying for people from your neck of the woods.

Trae Crowder: Oh my god man, that's why I ain't even been home since Tuesday. Ya'know, cause, I can't deal with seein' the shit.

BM: You're a liberal.

TC: I am. I'm a liberal redneck, which people think is an oxymoron, but it's not. I am also not a unicorn, there are more of me, [laughs] we do exist.

BM: [garbled] - I see them every other week.

TC: Ya know, I'll do shows in like, Manhattan, and people will say "where you goin next?" - [and I'll say] Texas. [and people will be like] "Oh, god, no. Don't get shot by a rodeo clown."

TC: And it's so clear, how people people feel about the South, or, just rural America. And ya'know, it just really stands out, and I think that's a lot of what happened here, frankly. Like, it really drove it home for me, being on the road this year, and talking to people all over the country, who've been great, but, how much they fundamentally don't understand, and don't care to understand so many of these [rural] people.

TC: And I feel like a lot of this is the backlash from those [rural] people, against, that. Ya know?

BM: Total backlash. I feel like what happened was, for the last eight or ten years, the liberals have been telling white people in America that "your time is passed". And so, they made them feel like a minority. And then they went out and voted like a minority.

TC: Right, yeah.

BM: Isn't that what happened?

TC: Absolutely. They, turned out, ya know? But it's so weird to me, cause' , I'll be honest with you - I didn't expect him to win, ultimately.

[segment on how redneck thought of Trump three years ago]

TC [continuing]: So it was surprising to me, that they bought into [Trump's] his bullshit.

[bit on Trumps attitude, such -skip]

BM: But also, the Democratic party, and back me up on this guys, sort of lost the white working man. That's what they used to have. And they made the white working man feel like "your problems aren't real." Because you're mansplainin' and, ya know, "check your privilege"

Latte-liberal panelist: [tries to interject]

BM: But ya, if your life sucks, your problems are real. And, what should I do, chop off my dick and check my privilege?

Latte-liberal: Do you really think thats liberals fault?

BM: Oh, I do, I do.

Latte-liberal: You know that saying, like, "to a white person equality feels like oppression."

BM: If there's a silver lining in this for me personally, it's the two issues I have been on the case of liberals for, and they've been booing me about this for years, and maybe they'll listen. One is political correctness. I think I did a show about that, for nine years. You're outrageous with your political correct bullshit, and it does drive people away.

For who could be free when every other man's humour might domineer over him? - John Locke (2nd Treatise, sect 57)