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Well, enjoy your debate club then. Out in the real world, people are being killed for the color of their skin, and the wistful and hollow appeals to history your impeccable logic has brought you to is propping it up. Frankly I discontinued sparri[b][/b]ng on your level because you still have yet to realize this fact.

No, I am arguing that my methods and priorities are superior to yours towards combatting that.

Probably at least a third of my posts here if not more relate directly or indirectly to policies that do in fact target, or disproportionately affect minority communities. I don't think anyone here has been more critical of Jeff Sessions or his prerogatives then myself, as one example.

Why would you rather focus on a handful of wingnuts, while demonizing people who give a shit about real issues? Focusing on the wingnuts just gives them power. They want to get mass media attention, and fill up the airwaves with their bullshit. Totally powerless in of themselves, they are given power and airtime by the very people who ostensibly oppose them. In my view, you are the one giving the Nazis what they want.

If you genuinely feel that Jeff Sessions and his implementing of racially disproportionate policies from his seat as head of the DOJ should take a back seat to a couple dozen fast food workers with tiki torches, and that people who don't focus on the latter are the real problem, then so be it. But, trying to falsely associate those of us who care more about the former with the idiocy of the latter, probably isn't going to sway many people towards your point of view.

For who could be free when every other man's humour might domineer over him? - John Locke (2nd Treatise, sect 57)