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I was on the Gary Johnson wagon.
I am just pointing out he never said they were "shit". He said they had failed policy's that were losing them elections and Trump was the one they drew to, at least that is my interpretation.
Now that Trumps tweet storms and unfiltered comments are what gives him low approval ratings is a different story. I once dated a girl who seemed perfect in the beginning but turned out she
is batshit crazy didn't mean I had to stick with her, I just had to keep her till a less crazy one came along.

I was paraphrasing, and in the case of Democrats and his examples with DWS et al, I doubt he would disagree with my summary of calling them shit. I am calling the current GOP shit, and unless I mistyped something it should be clear that I am the one calling them such. If it wasn't clear, then oops.

Point being that just because you can show how bad the Dems are all day and night, that still isn't an argument in favor of anyone else. It just means that both parties are garbage.

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