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I'm not going to even defend my fellow Journalists because there is no need to. You think the media is some sort of singular hive mind controlled by a nefarious individual, that sir gave me a good laugh.

Personally, I see the crux of the problem as editorial consistency, or lack thereof. Often influenced, I think, by perceived viewing demographic, and a desire to clickbait. The CNN article that we discussed regarding the State Dept personnel issues was a perfect example, especially the on-air version.

Another example would be the overall slant taken towards the so-called Muslim ban. Unless all the Muslim countries of Southeast Asia were affected by the travel/immigration orders, then it obviously wasn't a Muslim ban. So what was it? It was cheap grandstanding to showboat a supposed hard line against terror, in an ineffective manner. The impacted countries were pretty much from the "enemies list" plus some failing/failed states with thriving Islamist groups.

There was plenty of wrong with the executive orders, that needed called out. But one has to wonder if all the breathless sensationalism and hyperbole that inundated the airwaves, attempting to paint the issue as religious discrimination didn't do far more to hurt the cause, than help.

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