rhaikh, let do another hypothetical. As a supremacist, what is the best way to achieve supremacist's goals? Think this through, now afterwards ask yourself - are my actions playing into this? So far, I think they are.

Say my goal is to re-implement some version of Crow. No politician will go for it outright now matter how sympathetic they might be. They will take donations, dog whistle, but do absolutely nothing of the sort. At most, they will be able to do more 'tough on crime' and 'war on drugs' that criminalizes black population. However, that won't get me all the way to Crow and it is expensive as incarcerating cost a lot of money.
Instead, I need to get people scared of black people so there is a call for action. That action then could provide a cover to move toward Crow. How to get people scared? Provoke more violent protests, ideally with looting at shooting at the cops, from the likes of BLM and ANTIFA.

Civil rights movement worked because it was predominantly non-violent. Most people don't care about racism or anti racism, they just want to go on with their lives. You disrupt their lives and they just react by turning to whomever sells simplest solution loudest. This is how Trump got elected. This is how Mussolini got elected.

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