Bannon apologizes to Trump

Steve Bannon expressed regret Sunday after he created a furor with comments critical of President Donald Trump's family in a new book, dragging the controversy into its fifth day as the White House kept up its attacks on both the former chief strategist and “Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff.

Wolff defends his book

“One of the things we have to count on is that Donald Trump will attack. He will send lawyer's letters. This is a 35-year history of how he approaches everything,” Wolff told.

The author said he had notes and recordings from his interviews and that he works “like every journalist works.” In response to questions about his credibility that have come from the White House and from other journalists, Wolff said “I've written millions upon millions of words. I don't think there has ever been one correction.”

“The one description that everyone gave, everyone has in common, they all say he is like a child. And what they mean by that is he has a need for immediate gratification"

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