There's enough in the Emails that someone with a little research and thinking on their own behalf can conclude that there were enough things that were said and going on that it should hurt someone running for the Presidency. The thing that still pisses me off, you can look at those emails that were sent to the Secure Government email servers.

I want to say there's noway in hell people that were sent emails from the email address didn't know that it wasn't secure. But given how fucking stupid our Government is I have to say anything is possible. The surprising thing is how Obama was given a pseudonym name to have contact with Hillary on that server. That alone should be enough for content on the both of them. Above all others especially Hillary for being in Politics far longer than Obama should have known. This whole bullshit of "I don't recall" is just that. The Clinton's need to patent that phrase because they use it so goddamn often.

I know Trump is a fuck face, he has done and said fuck face things. But something he hasn't done is LIE to people about the Benghazi attack. He didn't have a private emails server where indeed there was Classified material passeed through it from FBI director Comey's own words. The fact Hillary gave donors to the Clinton Foundation big Government contract in Haiti, also gave a donor that had absolutely NO experience in Intelligence a seat on an Intelligence board that was privy to classified information. On top of that Bill recieved big money from speaking fee's to people and business's that gave to the Clinton Foundation. For instance the Sale of Uranium to Uranium One in Russia. The bank that made the deal which was tied with that and the Kremlin gave Bill nearly a $800K speaking fee. Which was twice as much as his normal speaking fee's. All this Tied to Hillary While at the State Department.