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Based on election trends over the last eight years, that seems unlikely. Current riots, violence, and other Democratic tantrums are unlikely to impress voters, either. You need effective policies, not just hate.

And you need effective candidates. With the collapse of the Democratic farm team, all you have is septegenarians like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Democrats have no bench, and few positions for candidates to gain the necessary experience. That is what happens when you are rejected by voters and have nothing of worth to offer.

Last eight years.. what an incredibly arbitrary timeframe to examine.

Actually, it's a very pertinent time frame. Eight years ago, Democrats controlled the White House, the Senate, and the House. It is the 8 year period after Obama was elected that Democrats lost the White House, lost the Senate, lost the House, lost most governors offices, and lost over 1000 seats in state legislatures when voters abandoned the Democratic party.

Obama very nearly destroyed the Democratic party single handed.

And by those metrics, W Bush almost destroyed the GOP singled handed. The problem with your assertions here isn't that they are wrong, but that they don't go far enough. When analyzing a problem, if you just look at data that gives you the picture you want to see, you are almost always going to end up making inaccurate conclusions and poor judgements.

Surely with all the talk about repealing Obamacare, you recall how it got passed in the first place: The Bush era GOP lost enough seats that the Dems didn't need (or use) a single GOP vote.

You should go back in time even further to an even more applicable example: how Carter got elected in the wake on Nixon's impeachment. Ergo, even installing Pence might not be enough to save the party from disaster, just like Ford wasn't enough.

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